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Just a quick note to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

We received a package from Insight(from K S Kim), with the author copies of:
Agile Web Development with Rails (2nd edition)
Rails Recipes
Programming Ruby

I have to tell you – they are, without any question, the most beautiful translated copies I have ever seen. Especially Programming Ruby – as a boxed set – it is just GORGEOUS. And, they all fit together – they have a common branding – they are simply the best looking translations we’ve ever seen.

이거… 낯이 간지러워지기까지 합니다. ^^

심지어 프로그래밍 루비실용주의 프로그래머의 저자인 Dave Thomas는 인사이트가 제작하는 곳에서 자신들이 발간하는 책을 모두 제작하면 어떨까하는 의사까지 얘기했다네요. 물론 ‘cost-wise’하면 ^^a

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